X the Phantom Fed

Name X the Phantom Fed
A.K.A. Secret Agent X
Secret ID. Unknown
Type Non Costumed Hero
Affiliation/Team None
1st Appearance Sure-Fire Comics #1
Year 1940
Publisher Ace Magazines (Periodical House)
Country of origin USA

This man of a thousand faces was an adaptation of McKay's successful pulp heroSecret Agent X The first strip is lifted, title and all, from Secret Agent "X"s first recorded adventure, "Ambassador of Doom." He's even called "Secret Agent X" at the end.

X, the phantom of the FBI, he fights single handed against sinister lords of crime. This "man of a million faces" has developed the art of disguise into an exact science.Not even his few intimates have seen his real face and no one has penetrated his disguises that can fool anyone...except...Death. Issue 1 features X battling the Green Mask III.