Unknown Soldier

Name Unknown Soldier (The)
A.K.A. n/a
Secret ID. Unknown (like…Duh!)
Type Costumed Hero
Affiliation/Team None
1st Appearance Our Flag Comics #1
Year 1941
Publisher Ace Magazines (Periodical House)
Country of origin


"When the cause of freedom and democracy is threatened then, from out of the blue sky, shall come the Unknown Soldier - dauntless American champion of all who fight under the Stars and Stripes - from the smallest child to the bravest doughboy. Who is he? Nobody knows! Where does he come from? Nobody knows! He is just...the Unknown Soldier." His abilities include superhuman strength,invulnerability, flight, and the power to spin in the air fast enough to generate a tornado. He carries a "nitro gun" which fires explosive bullets.