Name  Clock (The)
A.K.A. n/a
Secret ID. Brian O'Brien
Type Costumed Hero
Affiliation/Team Butch / Pug
1st Appearance Funny Pages Vol 1 #6 (1st issue)
Year 1936
Publisher Centaur Publications
Country of origin USA

One of the oldest comic heroes and published by enough companies to cast his ownership in doubt (one of which was Quality ). Brian O'Brien was a wealthy young man falsely accused of killing his own father for the inheritance. While in prison he met up with "Pug" Pulaski and struck up a friendship with him. While talking with Pulaski, O'Brien realized that no one was going to bother to find the evidence to free him from this frame-up except himself. That resolved in his mind, the two of them escaped from the prison. As they searched for evidence of their innocence, they wore kerchief's to conceal their identities. It didn't take long to find the evidence that they needed to legally release them both from prison. Having freed himself, O'Brien realized that there must be many other people out there in need of help. He and Pulaski kept their kerchiefs and pursued the truth to help the innocent for many years.

After he switched companies, the Clock eventually got a new sidekick, an orphaned tomboy living on her own by the name of Butch who was determined to help him out and would marry him once she grew up.

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