Shinto Samurai

Name Shinto Samurai
A.K.A. n/a
Secret ID. Unrevealed
Type Villains
Affiliation/Team Allie of Captain Nippo
1st Appearance Four Favorites #16
Year 1944
Publisher Ace Magazines (Periodical House)
Country of origin USA

Shinto's tale is a strange one. Centuries ago, he was a samurai, one so mighty that legend says he was immortal. He did die, but scientists kept his brain alive for hundreds of years, hoping to place him in a body powerful enough to suit him. Captain Nippo hit upon a plan (or rather borrowed a plan from Doctor Frankenstein) and built a body from the honored dead - an arm here, a leg there. Once brought back to life, the towering Shinto was brought up-to-date on Captain Nippo¹s version of history and sent off to fight Captain Courageous . However, when Captain Courageous defeated him and was willing to hold him for trial, Shinto realized that Nippo's version of events and Americans was one-sided. Courageous is willing to let him redeem himself, and the two go after Captain Nippo, who is trying to convince some American-born Japanese soldiers to turn against America. Nippo manages to stab Shinto in the chest with his sword, the only weapon that can supposedly kill the immortal.