Satin Astro

Name Satin Astro
A.K.A. n/a
Secret ID. None
Type Costumed Hero / Heroine
Affiliation/Team Burt Steele and Satin Astro
1st Appearance Whizzer Comics
Year 1947
Publisher Cartoon Art Productions
Country of origin UK

Burt Steele & Satin Astro have adventures in the year 3000ad. The stories were related from a diary found in the year 4000ad and tell of the death of Burt by the villain Lamarr, Warlord of Mars. Satin Astro was an escaped criminal, a very glamorous one, who's being sought after by the Earth Police and her old boss Krozac. She hides on Steele's ship, and a after explaining why she's on the run, they team up to free some of Satin's comrades. they team up Permently, and their adventures start.

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