Name Magicman
A.K.A. Tom Cargill
Secret ID. Thomas Cargill
Type Costumed Hero
Affiliation/Team None
1st Appearance Forbidden Worlds #125
Year 1964
Publisher American Comics Group
Country of origin USA

When the infamous 18th century Italian sorcerer, Count Alessandro Cagliostro, is arrested as a witch, his son escapes. Possessing the same great powers as his father, he does not use them for fear that they will get him into trouble. Since he does not age, the young man goes from country to country, doing odd jobs before joining the U.S. Army in 1962 to serve in Vietnam. He is so distraught by the death of his buddies that he breaks his vow not to use magic. Putting together a costume from theatrical supplies on the post, he battles the Viet Cong as Magicman.