Lone Warrior

Name Lone Warrior (The)
A.K.A. n/a
Secret ID. Stan Carter
Type Costumed Hero
Affiliation/Team Dicky (Side-Kick) (Kid Brother)
1st Appearance Banner Comics #3 (1st issue)
Year 1941
Publisher Ace Magazines (Periodical House)
Country of origin USA

Before he died, Stan Carter's scientist father injected Stan and his brother, Dicky , with an experimental "Power Elixir" that he invented. It left both the Carter boys with a W-shaped scar on each of their chests and powers such as superhuman strength and speed. Using these abilities as well as their multi-terrain vehicle, the Wonder Ship, a flying car/submarine/tank.

Stan went on to fight crime as the Lone Warrior with his younger brother Dicky as his sidekick. By day, Stan Carter was an Army enlistee.