Doctor Nemesis

Name Dr. Nemesis
A.K.A. n/a
Secret ID. James Bradley
Type Costumed Hero
Affiliation/Team None
1st Appearance Lightning Comics Vol1 #6
Year 1942
Publisher Ace Magazines (Periodical House)
Country of origin USA

Dr. James Bradley works at Mercy Hospital treating victims of crime day in and day out. He decides to become a crime fighter and disguises himself with a surgical mask and trenchcoat. He is not afraid to use the tools of his trade on criminals and often uses a needle full of truth serum that sends a person into a temporary coma and the subconscious mind forces him to tell the truth to any question to get to the bottom of a mystery.

His enemies included the Surgeon and X2 . He worked together with his fiancee Mary Strong, a nurse who had no idea about his crime fighting secret.

Dr. Nemesis turned up in marvel's 1990's Invaders mini-serie, as the leader of the villainous Battle-Axis, using the name Dr. Death , and returned again, back to being the ( more or less ) heroic Dr. Nemesis in Uncanny X-men in 2008.