Black Fury

Miss Fury
Miss Fury

Real Name

Marla Drake

First Appearance

Black Fury Newspaper Strip (Bell Syndicate, Sunday, April 6, 1941)

Original Publisher

Bell Syndicate

Name Black Fury
A.K.A. Miss Fury
Secret ID. Marla Drake
Type Costumed Heroine
Affiliation/Team None
1st Appearance Black Fury (newspaper strip)
Year 1941
Publisher Bell Syndicate
Country of origin USA

The first Black Fury debuted on April 6, 1941 as a Sunday comic strip distributed by the Bell Syndicate, and created by artist Tarpe Mills. Originally called the Black Fury, she eventually became known as Miss Fury; her alter ego was wealthy socialite Marla Drake. Miss Fury wore a skintight catsuit when fighting crime, and had no superpowers. The Miss Fury strip ran until 1952. Marvel Comics (then known as Timely Comics ) reprinted her Sunday strips in comic book form from 1942 to 1946.

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